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Solar System Service Care 

A True "Worry-Free" Energy Ownership Experience

Don't rely on just your manufacturer's coverage or your insurance company alone to receive a "worry-free" energy ownership experience. Manufacturers hold a low claims approval rating and homeowners insurance claims often do not cover the full amount of replacement. Get total peace of mind and a world-class Energy Ownership Experience with Conserva Care's Solar Care Club.*

Factory Coverage Limitations

Limited defects in module assembly

Limited defects in module production

Separate short-term limited warranties for specific parts of a PV System

Complete Solar Care Club Membership Benefits:


Reimburses for PV system service for production or equipment malfunctions not covered by manufacturers*


Lifetime membership benefits


Industry's most comprehensive service club for PV systems


Transferable to next homeowner


24/7 Online Service Requests


Priority Service Scheduling

*See "Solar Care Club Terms & Conditions" for all disclosures and associated club benefit limits.

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