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Home Efficiency & Energy Use

Your Home Works Hard Enough Already

Why put it all on your roof? Understanding that consumption mostly comes from comfort and convenience is important when assessing your home's energy use. With over 70% of the air you pay to heat or cool leaking right out of your home, your attic is the first place to inspect, detect, and correct energy loss. We provide the most advanced and up-to-date recommendations and solutions to increase your home's efficiency. Combatting your home's energy loss is also a great way to save money and extend the life of your home's heating and cooling systems. 

Complete A Home Energy Assessment

Energy rates rise by a national average of 4% every year conservatively.

Home energy use increases every year.

Costly home repairs can be caused by home air leaks and out-dated technologies.

Invest In Your Home's Efficiency 


Reduce the amount of energy you pay for.


Find ways your home is leaking energy and identify its largest inefficiencies.


Qualify for applicable rebates, tax credits, and incentives to help pay for your home's energy upgrades.


Extend the life of your home's heating and cooling system. 


Your solar goes further with less energy needing to be offset by your system.


Industry-leading home solutions provided by Energy Elite Installation Partners.


Professional Home Energy Assessments available in your area.

Solar Companies!

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Reduce your solar customers' energy use and give them more value.

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